Welcome to ZAP…a collaboration of skilled people and their machines to make high speed cinematography work for your next project. Whether you need to shoot food, tabletop, cars or sports action, ZAP is the right organization to partner with.

High speed moments happen in fractions of a second, and to choreograph the elements that go into the shot, requires engineers, camera experts and creatives all working in sync. These skills are often brought in by a production company for a particular project, it’s rarely ideal, the communication between the specialists is never enough to reliably arrive at the correct solution. ZAP has the advantage of bringing these skills together on a multitude of shoots, test and development days, honing our craft, building rigs, so when you come to us we are 90% there, we have the equipment and the knowhow to best approach the shots you are looking to achieve, and at a lower cost.

Contact us to discuss your next project.