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ZAP is a collaboration of specialist services for high speed cinematography in South Africa.

Here is a collection of our motley crew…

Paul Thompson – Director DOP


COO (Chief OMG! Officer)

Director/DOP Work – Paul Thompson Vimeo

Paul Thompson has spent his entire career in the film industry. By any measure he is a seasoned professional.
He started off in the camera department, working initially on feature films and documentaries; and thereafter on commercials. From 1977 he focused his efforts on film and TV advertising, and with an innate flair for lighting, established himself as a DOP (Director of Photography) from 1980, developing a reputation for versatility, sensitivity and nuance, and winning numerous awards.
He took on the additional responsibility of Director in the late 1980s, and in doing so added the role of storyteller to his impressive cinematic armory. His work has been widely acclaimed and more awards have followed. His experience of the South African film scene is very extensive, and local and international clients have become regular repeat customers.
Paul is a patient person who always strives for excellence, no matter what the budgetary constraints. Importantly, there are very few subjects or situations that he has not successfully dealt with; from motor cars to children; action to beauty, animals to table top; and the images are always beautifully lit and framed. He is good with people, and is especially effective with children. As a film maker he is a good storyteller and understands the importance of performance. He has closely followed and often led developments in film and video editing over many years.
Having started in ‘film’ he is very comfortable with celluloid, but has stayed abreast of all worthy developments and now works extensively in the discipline of 4k photography.

Peter Constan-Tatos – Robotics Engineer


CEO (Chief Effects Officer)

 Neil Symon – Financial Director


CFO (Chief F*#k-No Officer)

Kobus Swart – Producer


Johannesburg Contact

Noel Senogles – Producer


Cape Town Contact

Campbell Wilson – Electrical Engineer


Electronics & Gizmos

Marvin Rampai – Graphic Designer

Marv 1

Cool Pictures n Stuff

Andrew Ward – Animator & 3D Design


Cool 3D Stuff

Patrick Kadziwe – Motion Control Assistant


Expert Corn Importer

Hilton Jones – Motion Control Assistant & Trainee Editor


He’ll Do Almost Anything You Ask (Almost)